Creating Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces … because people matter


Mental health and psychologically healthy workplaces are tough subjects to talk about. When Frema begins speaking her audiences quickly understand why we need to talk about our mental health and the psychological health of our workplaces. With a warm and respectful approach, she quickly creates a calm, safe ambiance so that we can talk comfortably about mental health, bullying, conflict and difficult relationships. Then she gets people to understand what we can do to take care of our own mental health, the steps we can take to build healthier work environments and how we can make all this happen.

Frema connects easily with her audience and puts them at ease. People see that she is just like them and that she understands what they are going through. They quickly see that she knows her stuff, gives practical solutions and that she walks the talk.

Her signature style is her role playing. Whether performing before an audience of twenty or hundreds, Frema is not afraid to be challenged and tested. Ask her a question about how to handle a difficult conversation or how to stop an offensive behaviour and she will show you how, right on stage. It’s entertaining, informative and inspirational.

If you want a speaker who makes an immediate impact on your audience, creates a powerful vision for change and who demonstrates strategies and techniques that get results, contact Frema.

Book Frema if you are looking for a Speaker who:

  • Gets to the heart of the matter
  • Challenges attitudes and behaviours
  • Is passionate and dynamic
  • Shows how to change things rather than just talk about change
  • Will craft her presentation and message to fit the particular challenge or struggle of your organization or group
  • Gives practical, easy-to-remember strategies and tools that people use

Topics customized for your conference theme include:

  • Building a Psychological Healthy and Safe Organization
  • Creating a Positive Work Culture
  • Talking Together about Mental Health
  • Productive Dialogue and Difficult Conversations
  • Four Cornerstones to Building Successful Relationships

Workshops and Seminars

Combine a keynote with a leadership workshop or engage Frema for a training program or seminar for your organization.

You will get a high-level performance with more time to expand on the topic and to benefit from Frema’s knowledge and hands-on experience.

To book Frema contact her at: