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Corporate Interventions

I am passionate about helping organizations develop healthy environments so that the people who work there are engaged, happy and focused on their work. I get excited when a group of employees create a shared vision for how they will work together, decide they want to become a model service or program or reach the top of the performance scale. I love it when leaders can excite and energize their people and challenge them to raise the level of their potential.

I help organizations get rid of obstacles and create opportunities so that people are excited about what they do, work collaboratively and respectfully and get better results.

Investing in a mentally healthy workplace contributes to reducing absenteeism, grievances, disability, retraining and turnover and improving productivity, retention, recruitment and engagement.

If you have a team where

  • People grumble and complain a lot
  • Grievances are related to psychological injury or stress
  • The team does not work like a team
  • Conflicts take up far too much time
  • People are absent because of work-related mental health problems
  • The team is not making the progress it should
  • People leave meetings angry, frustrated or discouraged
  • People are “present” but the results are not there
  • Backbiting, in-fighting and bad vibs are the norm

It is time to resolve issues, renew relationships and create an environment that reduces preventable costs and improves productivity.

Please contact me at to discuss the situation and how I can help you turn this around.

Hire Frema to:

  • Conduct an investigation into complaints with a focus on resolution and a recovery plan
  • Conduct a conflict resolution process or mediation to resolve a dispute involving two people or large groups with multiple stakeholders
  • Facilitate team meetings to help people talk and resolve issues so that they can accomplish what you need them to do
  • Find the hidden elephants that are lurking on your organization or work team and get them to go away
  • Create and sustain your Psychological Health and Safety initiative
  • Develop your Mental Health Prevention strategy
  • Coach people who manage others to be more effective communicators, problem-solvers, team builders and health promoters
  • Develop a Peer Support Program to support people with mental health or life challenges so that they will feel more connected with their team and better able to focus on their work