Creating Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces … because people matter


Frema speaks from experience. Over the span of three decades she has seen just about all there is to see in what’s wrong and what’s right in workplace relationships, behaviour and organizational culture.

She is an award winning trauma specialist, a pioneer in workplace violence and a conflict resolution expert who now works with organizations to create healthier and more productive environments.

Long before workplace violence and trauma was acknowledged by the World Health Organization Frema was speaking publicly about it and developing programs to deal with it. Her book, Taming the Beast: Getting Violence out of the Workplace, was among the first to appear on the subject.

Having worked in most industries and with people in most occupational groups, Frema knows that all organizations no matter their size have to deal with issues related to how people get along and how they work together.

What are Frema’s qualifications? She has a Master of Social Work degree from McGill University. She has been a lecturer there and at University of Montreal. She has been featured in a CTV documentary, has published articles, books and has been a featured columnist. She has been interviewed in HR Reporter, The Gazette, Globe and Mail, Canadian Living, CJAD, CBC and CTV and many national news outlets and magazines.  When you hire Frema, you hire knowledge, hands-on experience and wisdom.


Professional Affiliations

Frema is Past-President of the Montreal Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers; a Trustee of the CAPS Foundation and the Chair and developer of Speakers Listening – CAPS Peer Support Program; member of the GSF (Global Speakers Federation); member of Delta Kappa Gamma International; board member of CIIAN (Canadian International Institute for Applied Negotiation). She is a member of the OTSTCFQ, the Professional Order of Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists of Quebec. Over the years Frema has served on many boards of directors of non-profit organization, many of which she has served as past president or executive member.



Frema received the 1999 Woman of the Year Award from the Montreal Council of Women in recognition of her pioneering work in developing mental health programs and services for victims of violence, crime and trauma

On December 14, 2012 Frema received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of her pioneering programs and services to help people suffering from trauma and family, workplace and community violence.


Latest Volunteer Project

Frema is the developer and Chair of Speakers Listening, a Peer Support Program of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). Launched in December 2013 in Vancouver at the Global Speakers Summit, this program provides support to CAPS members who go through a personal or family crisis or difficult life event.

Contact Frema for more information about this program or to learn how a Peer Support Program can help people in your organization or members of your association.


Contact Frema Engel directly at (514) 989-9298 or to discuss how she can help you build a psychologically healthy work environment that has a powerful impact on the health of individual employees, on organizational health and on the financial bottom line.